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Adult Care

Advantage Nursing has developed a comprehensive adult services program to provide nursing care and aide services for individuals with the most serious of healthcare needs. The adult division of Advantage Nursing specializes in working with families to provide for all your skilled nursing needs. Our complex care case managers have years of experience assisting families, guiding them to understand, navigate, and adjust to daily living.

Assisting families by guiding them to understand, navigate, and adjust to daily living.

Our highly trained staff of licensed professionals provide adult private-duty care, intermittent skilled nursing visits, respiratory/ventilator care, tracheotomy care and case management services for day-to-day living to complex medical needs. Our clinical supervisors and knowledgeable support staff will work closely with your medical team to make certain your family member receives the quality home care services that they deserve.

Our team of exceptional nurses and management staff assist you by providing services including:

  • Staff Management & Scheduling
  • 24/7 Client Concierge Service (live-on-call representative)
  • Medical Supply Inventory Management
  • Ventilator and Tracheotomy Care
  • Doctor & Therapy Appointment Management
  • Pain & Disability Management


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