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COVID-19 Precautions for Home Health



Our Response

Advantage Nursing set up its COVID-19 Task Force on Thursday, March 12, 2020 which includes leadership from Clinical Care, Operations, Human Resources, and Executive teams.  The COVID-19 Task Force meets regularly to discuss the ever changing pandemic climate.  Outcomes of these meetings include:

  • Development of emergency policies and clearly defined expectations of our staff.
  • Coordination of communication efforts with patients and their families including virtual, phone conversations, as well as Q&A conference calls.
  • Weekly agency wide workforce conference calls focusing on education, expectations, and answering questions.
  • Maintaining close contact with state agency leadership to keep abreast of changes required of patient care.
  • The release of virtual onboarding and training to meet the needs of our patients as quickly as possible.

View our agency Letter to Patients here

Focusing on Safety

Through direct conversations and education with our patients and staff, the agency is advocating for safety by requiring facemasks be worn by staff at all times, cleaning high touch surface areas regularly, maintaining social distancing when permitted, providing necessary PPE, and educating on COVID-19 symptoms.  If ever a patient or staff member have safety concerns in relation to this pandemic they are welcome to call Advantage Nursing’s COVID-19 Task Force to speak with a knowledgeable clinician.


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Home Health Nursing COVID-19 Precautions