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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pediatric Private Duty Nursing?

Pediatric Private Duty Nursing can be defined as pediatric nursing services administered to pediatric clients on an hourly basis.

What type of service does Advantage Specialize in?

Advantage has specialized in providing pediatric private duty nursing services to medically fragile children for over 30 years. With offices located in Missouri and Illinois, we have serviced thousands of pediatric patients with our friendly and competent staff of pediatric nurses. A large majority of our pediatric clients require a very high level of pediatric skilled nursing services. As a result, Advantage does its best to hire the most qualified pediatric nurses in the industry.

How do I initiate a referral for pediatric private duty nursing?

At Advantage Nursing Services, we understand the difficult task case managers and discharge planners have in fulfilling pediatric private duty homecare needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pediatric Private Duty Nursing Services can be initiated by making one phone call to our 24 hour centralized intake line. Our pediatric care coordination team will work closely with will all parties involved to secure benefits, establish a personalized care plan and to maintain the continuum of care throughout the transition to homecare.

In what area of the country does Advantage offer its pediatric private duty nursing services?

Advantage Nursing offers its comprehensives line of private duty nursing services to pediatric clients throughout the entire states of Missouri & Illinois. We have several offices strategically placed throughout these states to insure that we can provide pediatric private duty nursing services to virtually any community within our service area.